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In this day and age of high tech tools and methods, we have a lot of things that speed up the work that gets done.  But we also have a lot of things that slow things down.  So to make sure we make every job work as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we try to blend modern methods with tried and true techniques.


Every client is different, but the way we generally work is:


Step 1—Rough design.  Simple hand sketches and dinner table discussions with you to see what you want.  Simple cost estimates help you to see if you can afford the work you want done or whether changes need to be made to the scope of work you are considering.


Step 2 - Preliminary design and budget.  Computer generated concept drawings  and accurate cost estimating help you make sure you are getting what you want at a price you can afford.  Seeing everything in computer space ensures that it all looks the way you want it prior to anything being built.


Step 3 - Contract.  Everything is detailed and listed out on paper so we can all agree what is being agreed to in terms of dates, dollars and details.  We both agree to all the details.  Up front.


Step 4 - The actual work.  Permits, construction, changes, cleanup.  This is the fun part.


Step 5 - Done.  Simple as that.  We are both happy and everyone moves on with their lives.  You to your next goal, and us to our next client.