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With skills and craftsmanship learned from our grandfathers and fathers, and now passed down to our sons, the craftsmen of Mckenzie Construction have been bringing dreams of a better home to life for people just like you.†


From concept to completion, we have been doing what you want done since 1986.† With the necessary skills, references, friendly staff and an old fashioned work ethic, we are the right choice for your construction or renovation project


We work hard, we work carefully, and we work honestly.† You wonít ever get anything but a true and honest answer to any question you ask.†


We donít give the lowest price or the highest, but you can guarantee this:† You will get exactly what we both agree to up front, with no changes in cost for the work we promised to do.† If we say itís a dollar, it will be a dollar.† Itís the principle that counts.† Not the profit.